Keys to Freedom

Lock n KnobAre you looking for a job or contemplating a move to become your own boss? Well, before you make your decision, there are some things you should evaluate and consider.


4 Keys When Choosing a Business

1. Company – Who is the leadership of the company? Who is the management team? Look at the company as a strong company, one you want to be involved with.

2. Time – Is the timing right in this industry and in your area?

3. Product – When looking at an opportunity or Network Marketing you want products that impact people’s lives; products that are consumable on a regular basis.

4. Compensation – Is the plan fair for a person who’s working on a part-time basis, who wants to make an extra few hundred dollars each month? And, above and beyond that, will it pay an individual $10,000 to $20,000 or more each month?


The Cash-Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki


EMPLOYEE = Security (sometimes) You have a job. You exchange time and effort for an income. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. BUSINESS OWNER (Wealth Building) You own a system and people work for you. These people have people working hard for them to generate them an income.
SELF-EMPLOYED (Independence) You own a job. You work for yourself but can you take time off and still get paid? INVESTOR (Financial Freedom) Money works for you. These are the people that have money working hard for them. They can have time freedom.

Follow the process:

  • You have a job (Employee)
  • You own a job (Self-Employed)
  • You own a system that works for you (you need a lot of money to start)
  • Money works for you (you gain time freedom and financial freedom)


The main benefits of owning your own business (especially being a part of a network marketing business) are the tax deductions, the lower startup costs (depends on the business), and the ability to set your own hours. You also get to work with the people you want to be around; positive, energetic, you know… your friends!


Current Opportunities

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