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Do Diets Work?

Yes, most diets will help you shed a few pounds quite easily. However, the results are, most often, only temporary. The weight that you lost on the diet never stays away but often comes back with a few extra pounds besides.

It’s logical isn’t it? You are losing weight only because you are on a particular diet. The moment you go off the diet you return to the same habits you have always had and these habits are what caused your excess weight in the first place (An exception to this are any medications that have weight gain as a side effect.).

There are more than 150 categories of diets to choose from. They depend on repeat business and the diet business is booming. Did you know that the human race spends $42 billion dollars every year on diet foods, products and services? WOW!

There are 3 things most diets don’t cover:

  1. Your eating habits
  2. Your lifestyle choices
  3. Your relationship with food

Most diets have you doing things you do NOT want to have to do for the rest of your life. Things such as:

  1. Counting calories or carbohydrates
  2. Counting points
  3. Weighing yourself

So, where can you go to learn how to live healthy and not have to stay on that diet roller coaster? Let’s take a look at…


The Healthy Edge

This program provides the necessary mental and physical foundations we all need to succeed in living a healthy life one day at a time.

The Healthy Edge’s founder, Amber Thiel, is a Personal Trainer, former college professor in Human Nutrition and Wellness, former college coach and All-American volleyball player. Her journey and passion inspires others to conquer their health.

What sets The Healthy Edge apart is the realistic and safe approach to health that clients can share with their entire family. Weight loss becomes a side effect of healthy living.

We believe that through easily accessible education, empowerment and a community of support and accountability we can facilitate long lasting change in people’s lives, both emotionally and physically. This will allow them, their families and future generations to lead a more purposeful and abundant life.

The 8-week lifestyle program deals with emotional eating, self-sabotaging behavior and the how-to’s of living a healthy life. This program will equip you for success and give you access to many different support materials and recipes.

This program does not:

  1. Use the scale
  2. Count calories or carbohydrates
  3. Tell you what you can or cannot eat

You can learn more about this lifestyle program here.

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