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access resources
There are thousands upon thousands of resources out there and it can be time consuming and frustrating at times to find the right information.

Below are links to websites and blogs that offer information on health, offer classes, recipes, exercise, etc. Good books and great services such as personal development will also be featured. This list will grow over time so continue to check back on a regular basis.



EWG– Know your environment. Protect your health.
What is in the stuff we eat, put on our skin, or drink? This site offers a lot of information on what’s good and what’s bad as well as things we can do to make our environment healthier.

Christina Cooks – It’s not about being perfect but being real, putting in the effort and work to make changes.
This site offers vegan recipes, cooking classes, trips, etc. And for those of you who aren’t vegan, how about trying one of her dishes with meat on the side?

Consumer Lab – Be informed.  Did you know that 32% of multi vitamins failed testing?  What else failed? 28% of protein powders shakes and drinks flunked quality tests, 20% of Vitamin C supplements failed and 31% of Turmeric/Curcumin supplements failed.  (This is only one reason I trust my health and the health of my family and friends to USANA Health Sciences.)



THH_BookThe Healthy Home by Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz
This book will take you through each room of your home, show you where the toxins are and offer you practical steps you can take to make your home a healthier place for you and your family.




Royalty Income Book

Royalty Income by Dr. Steve Hryszczuk is a must for those interested in the power of network marketing and how it works.  Did you know that this rapidly growing industry accounts for over 32 billion dollars in sales?




Dr. Libby Weaver is one of Australia’s leading biochemists.  She is an eight-time #1 best selling author and international speaker.  Her books are sold on



The USANA blog educates, inspires, challenges, rewards and surprises it’s followers.  Check it out often for new recipes, studies, and more.



Darren DailyDarren Hardy is the publisher of Success Magazine, New York Times best selling author, a mentor to CEO’s, and public speaker.  Whether you want to grow in your life, in your business or both these Darren Daily challenges are honest and straightforward.  They are his way of giving back.



Go Pro


Eric Worre is an entrepreneur, author and network marketing strategist and trainer to millions of top earners and new entrepreneurs.  He focuses on passing on his knowledge so that those who choose to make a commitment to grow their life and their business, can do so with the tools they need to become a professional in their industry.



Strongbrook offers access to world-class mentors.  Dozens of leaders in wealth, health, and personal growth are standing by  to transform your destiny. The Mentoring Vault includes hundreds of life-changing mentors. New courses begin every  month, and previous presentations are available on an unlimited 24/7 digital basis.

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