About Me


I love the outdoors! Hiking, camping, kayaking, golfing and playing Pétanque are some of the things I enjoy. My husband and I also enjoy square dancing, international foods and of course filling our fridge with healthy foods. Next on the list is to learn how to ocean fish and snorkel.

I grew up in a military family; my dad was a fighter pilot (and certified public accountant). I’ve been a certified dental assistant, received on-hand training in shipping and receiving, obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology, worked as a secretary, was a golf course maintenance laborer, worked as a bookkeeper and in higher education as the Graduate Admissions Coordinator.

Through this journey I began to focus on health. Let’s face it, with everything my husband and I love to do, I knew I needed more energy, strength and body health in order to continue doing what I love.


My Journey

After becoming a consumer of the USANA products I quickly saw the benefits of the product and became an associate. I was skeptical as I had been involved with a couple other companies which failed. However, after going to my first USANA International Convention, I was excited and astounded at the integrity and passion of this company, the leaders and the other associates. They were a team, they cared about each other and they loved what they were doing.

On the flip side, through my own health journey I grew tired of being stuck with the things that kept me from achieving the health I wanted. Once I faced what was holding me back and I began to achieve my own health goals, the passion to help others escape the diet roller coaster and begin to achieve long-term health and healthy weight was set ablaze. And, I was blessed to be able to partner with The Healthy Edge. Their support, leadership and expertise continues to challenge me and increases my ability to help others.

This is what sparked my passion to help others achieve their health and financial goals. As a Certified Health Coach, Associate for USANA Health Sciences, Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor and speaker I am growing and sharing the vision of helping others design a healthy and prosperous life. This goal is reachable and the journey is so worth it. Are you ready?